Our Mission

Protectors of Pine Oak Woods is committed to increasing the stewardship of Staten Island’s existing parkland, bluebelt corridors and nature preserves and to continuing the effort to preserve Staten Island’s natural areas. Protectors advocates for protection and preservation by educating our members, the general public and elected officials at all levels of government through meetings, workshops, walks, articles, newsletters and sponsorship of environmental education.


Our Board of Directors serves in a voluntary capacity. Many of our directors have served Protectors of Pine Oak Woods for decades through many successful projects. If you share our passion for preserving Staten Island's natural heritage and open spaces, please consider joining our board. Please email your request to ebcroteau@aol.com.

Officers 2018-2020


President: Clifford Hagen

First Vice President: Donald Recklies

Second Vice President: Elaine B. Croteau

Treasurer: Hillel Lofaso*

Recording Secretary: Lisa Abbot Pillarella

Corresponding Secretary: Jack Bolembach

Membership Secretary: Jacqueline Perine




Alan I. Benimoff, Ph.D. • Linda Cohen •
Dominick Durso • Jose Ramirez-Garofalo •

Mark Latour • Eileen Monreale • Chuck Perry •
Ellen O’Flaherty Pratt

*Past President


Honorary Directors

Albert F. Appleton, Esq. • Hon. Gordon J. Davis • Joseph Fernicola • Marian S. Heiskell • Hon. Ralph J. Lamberti • Richard Lynch • Lenore Miller • Robert Miraldi, Ph.D. • Arthur M. Shapiro, Ph.D. • Norma Siebenheller 

Protectors Co-founder and President

Richard Buegler (1928-2016)



Mailing address: P.O. Box 140747, 
Staten Island, NY 10314-0747;
(929) 428-0878


e-mail: ppow@siprotectors.org

web site: www.siprotectors.org