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Gardening for Nature

Bee on a Daisy

Save our Essential Insects!

This past summer when I was driving in the evening in N. E. Ohio for a long distance, past a reservoir and farm fields and through parkland, I think I had to clean my windshield twice—just twice in about 80 miles—and then only when I was close to one of the reservoirs. Where did all the insects go? And why so few birds? 


Garden with Native Plants

As you start to think about flowers and bushes that you want to plant, keep in mind that native is always better—period! Just because you buy something at your local nursery, does not mean it is endemic to the area. Native plantings are important because they benefit our native fauna and will help our unique ecosystem thrive.

Seed Wholesale Distribution

Resources to Help You Learn More

The choices are daunting! Check out these resources that help you learn about the native plants in your region and what you'll need to successfully garden for nature.

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