Natural Staten Island

Enjoy the many nature and wildlife photos captured by Island naturalists in this slide show.

President's Letter

WHEN WE CONSIDER THE WORK of Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, of our effort to preserve open space here on Staten Island, there is no time lapse to enhance the process. Our work, a consistent, deliberative call for preservation, is rooted deep in decades of research, networks and relationships. If only we could use time lapse, conduct a weekend rally and expect results. No, preservation requires persistence and perseverance.

In 2006, then-Councilman Michael McMahon was approached by the Children’s Aid Society because their long-term planning required the sale of large portions of the Goodhue property to finance the organization’s future, and it was hoped the City would be the purchaser. Relying on past experience, Councilman McMahon called Protectors to seek our support.

After speaking with Councilman McMahon, Ellen Pratt orchestrated a comprehensive publication detailing the natural history, human impact and current ecology of Goodhue. She had the Island’s leading naturalists each address a different aspect of the property. Once published, Councilman McMahon utilized Protectors’ work to solicit support from the City Council for the purchase and transfer of the Goodhue Woods to the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

Memorial Bench Dedicated!

The visitor's bench we purchased and installed in honor of Dick Buegler and for the work he tirelessly did on behalf of Staten Island's parks and open space natural areas was dedicated on Sunday, May 2, at the Greenbelt Nature Center.

Guests and board members who knew Dick shared remembrances, both humorous and profound. Here is a video of the dedication. Thanks goes to Tony Rose and Charlie Olsen who were on hand to video the event.

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