Managing our forests: How well are we doing?

President's Letter

OUR PASSION FOR NATURE is rooted like a tree in fertile soil. Bright sun or quenching rain deepens our joy. Members of Protectors of Pine Oak Woods find common cause in the preservation of open space, in bird song, in the fall colors of deciduous woods. Yet, there are many who do not share our environmental inclinations.

Now in our 45th year, why has Protectors enjoyed continued success in our effort to preserve open space? Why protect wooded properties? Most simply stated, what is the value of a tree? 

Fall Semi-Annual Meeting - November 19!

Acknowledging the value of trees, Protectors is proud to cosponsor a public discussion on the health of Staten Island’s trees. Along with Borough Hall, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the College of Staten Island and the Greenbelt Conservancy, Protectors has helped to gather a collection of noted environmentalists, academics and activists for a Forest Ecology Forum.


Event Date: Tuesday, November 19

Location: College of Staten Island, Center for the Arts Bldg. (Bldg. 1P),

2800 Victory Blvd, 10314

Time: 7:00 p.m. 

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Forest Management Primer

FOREST MANAGEMENT is a dynamic, many layered discipline involving science and economic realities. Our Summer edition featured an article by Mark Latour exploring the political decisions at work that have traded the long-term health of our nation’s forested land for short-term economic gains.

Now, Mark describes how trees are essential in the cycle of water evaporation and condensation and in the distribution of rain in his new article, “The Role of Forests as Rainmakers.” He writes about the “Biotic Pump” model: “New studies support the physics behind this new climate model indicating that forests play a significant role in determining rainfall and in creating atmospheric winds that pump moisture across continents.”

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Your Input Needed
On Seaside Wildlife Nature Park

You may have heard about plans to develop a large parcel of private land adjacent to the popular Seaside Wildlife Nature Park. Permits have been given to build three four-story residential buildings.

Protectors considers it shortsighted to develop this parcel in a flood prone area and would prefer if the city would buy this property and add it to the Seaside Wildlife Nature Park.

Please find time to attend the Community Board 3 meeting on Tuesday, October 22, at Woodrow Methodist Church Hall, 1075 Woodrow Road at 7:30 p.m. You are invited to make brief comments for the record before the meeting begins.

Planning Meetings

Protectors will hold a planning meeting at the gazebo at Seaside Wildlife Nature Park on Saturday, October 26 and Saturday, November 2 from 12 noon to 2 p.m. Seasisde Wildlife Nature Park can be reached by driving to the end of Nelson Avenue, below Hylan Blvd. at Tennyson Avenue.

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