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Fall Walks

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First snow, Bloomingdale Park, Natasha Dolub

President's Letter
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RECENT COMMENTS FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to harness wind energy off the eastern seaboard come with a promise of cleaner, greener days ahead for Staten Island. It is said that manufacturing wind turbine components on Staten Island will offer “green infrastructure” jobs, opportunities for local construction trades and the tertiary economic benefits of a local, unionized workforce. Developing these newer technologies here on Staten Island is being hailed as a cause for celebration. Arthur Kill Terminal, the project developed by Atlantic Offshore Terminal, is moving forward seemingly unopposed.

However, since Protectors of Pine Oak Woods has been driven for nearly fifty years by our mission to preserve open space, we are obligated to consider the ecological ramifications of each proposal with objectivity. So too, as with so many other seemingly beneficial proposals, Protectors must address a number of concerns which arise from the construction of offshore wind turbines.

2024 Staten Island Nature & Wildlife Calendar

Photographs are sought to celebrate nature on Staten Island, and the variety and uniqueness of its Parks and Natural Areas. Each calendar page will be illustrated by a photograph appropriate to its season to be chosen by an ad hoc committee of PPOW Board Members and Staten Island Naturalists in a blind selection process in which the names of the photographers are not revealed.

Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2023

Thanks for submitting!

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