Managing our forests: How well are we doing?

President's Letter

THE MISSION OF PROTECTORS of Pine Oak Woods is twofold: advocating for the increased stewardship of park properties as well as the preservation of open space through the education of Staten Islanders and their representatives in government. Though the battles to preserve the Goodhue Woods, Pouch Camp and the Saint Francis Woodlands are instances when government interest aligned with that of Protectors, not every effort to preserve open space has the support of our representatives in government. 

We now find ourselves at a critical juncture. Staten Island is an environmental last-stand for the city, an essential bastion of endangered species of flowering shrubs, trees and mosses. Within the properties Protectors has fought to preserve, there are pockets of endangered or critically threatened plant communities. These plant communities are isolated, found nowhere else in the State of New York. Remnants of these communities survive on Staten Island for the time being. 

Forest Management Primer

FOREST MANAGEMENT is a dynamic, many layered discipline involving science and economic realities. Our Summer edition featured an article by Mark Latour exploring the political decisions at work that have traded the long-term health of our nation’s forested land for short-term economic gains.

Now, Mark describes how trees are essential in the cycle of water evaporation and condensation and in the distribution of rain in his new article, “The Role of Forests as Rainmakers.” He writes about the “Biotic Pump” model: “New studies support the physics behind this new climate model indicating that forests play a significant role in determining rainfall and in creating atmospheric winds that pump moisture across continents.”

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Protectors Board Member
Jack Bolembach Garners Award

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that on October 26, 2019 Jack Bolembach was awarded the 2019 Peacemaker Award, for his passionate advocacy on behalf of the Staten Island environment, presented by Eileen Bardel. In recognition, Councilmember Deborah Rose presented The City Council Citation, noting, “…whereas such service is truly the lifeblood of the community and the city, so often goes unrecognized and unrewarded…in Jack Bolembach we have an outstanding citizen, one of whom is worthy of the esteem of both our community and the great City of New York.”  Certificates of Recognition were also presented on behalf of Office of the District Attorney Michael E. McMahon and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.


Excerpt from Message from Jack: “Whether it’s trying to preserve what little nature or history we have remaining and the constant struggle against Builders who only look to make a profit without checks or balances, it’s a struggle worth the fight.  There have been defeats but some good victories. The Builders have the money and we have the spirit.”


Protectors of Pine Oak Woods and our community of friends are grateful to Jack for his activities with environmental groups and causes and his many years of fighting for the environment and open space on Staten Island.  Congratulations to PPOW board member, Jack Bolembach, on this well-deserved recognition!

Dick Buegler Memorial

PROTECTORS IS GRATEFUL to everyone who participated in our effort to raise money to purchase a Greenbelt Park bench to acknowledge the life and work of President and co-founder Richard Buegler. That we achieved our goal in short order is a testament to the truth that Dick had a positive impact on the lives of so many of you and you were moved in turn to offer a fitting tribute. Thank you! We will report on news of the installation.


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